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Handi Acccessories


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The  large o-ring and rectangular ring on the wrist is sew directly through the Velcro – NOT light weight fabric.

The other rectangular ring is a single piece which is sewn on cuff. It is not connected to the cuff with a piece of fabric that weakens over time and becomes lose, hard to tightened, and uncomfortable – a problem with every other cuff.

Our strap going over the top of the hand has no weak point when transitioning from soft Velcro to rough Velcro, eliminating any weakness or bald spots to get caught going thru buckle.  Ours is sewn to the cuff itself which prevents it from being pulled apart and it goes further back over the cuff which allows the cuff to be secured tighter around the hand.

Watch our video on our website under "how to videos" or Click here to watch the video "fishing with Handiaccessories" on 




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